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Denver Prevention Training Center

Founded in 1979, the Denver Prevention Training Center (PTC) has provided innovative training, consultation, and information to health professionals and their organizations for over three decades. An accredited provider of continuing medical education (CME) and continuing nursing education (CNE), the Denver PTC’s staff and faculty are recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally for their work at the crossroads of prevention and care.
CBA services from the Denver PTC include assisting healthcare providers and their organizations to move their patients along the HIV continuum of care (engagement, linkage, retention) as well as effective behavioral interventions (EBIs) for clinics, providers, and support staff.
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Denver Health and Hospital Authority / Denver Prevention Training Center
601 Broadway Street, MC 2800
Denver, CO 80203
303-602-3616; 303-602-3638
DenverPTC@DenverPTC.org; Helen.Burnside@dhha.org


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HIV Testing, Prevention with HIV-Positive Persons, Prevention with High-Risk HIV-Negative Persons