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CBA@JSI provides tailored technical assistance and training to enhance CBO capacity to plan, implement, and sustain a high-impact approach to HIV prevention. JSI helps organizations navigate the changing healthcare environment, support the HIV care continuum, and carry out activities that align with High-Impact HIV Prevention.
JSI staff from the Atlanta, Boston, Denver, and Washington D.C offices provide customized in-person and distance-based CBA services and products including expert consultations; content-specific training, technical support, job aids, and other web-based tools; eLearning opportunities; webinars; and forums that convene staff—virtually and in-person for intensive trainings and workshops.

The CBA@JSI team is widely recognized for its expertise in social media strategies, organizational development, and monitoring and evaluation, as well as its experience helping organizations to reach high-risk populations and communities of color.
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JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.
437 Memorial Dr. SE
Suite A11
Atlanta, GA 30312
404-460-4790; 404-460-4794
cba@jsi.com; juli_powers@jsi.com
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Prevention with HIV-Positive Persons, Prevention with High-Risk HIV-Negative Persons, Organizational Development & Management